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Volunteer Opportunities:

Give a Hand.  Save a Life!


We have many ways that you can become part of the PetPromise team:


Foster a dog or puppy, Cat or Kitten, act as a temporary foster for foster homes when they travel, foster for emergency situations.  


Adoption Counselor
     (Help screen applications, do home visits,   communicate with applicants, report to Adoption Coordinators and foster homes.)

Foster Coordinator
     (Liaison with Foster Homes, review foster applications, coordinate foster vet care, etc.)


Grant Identification

Find grants that we may be eligible for (verify qualifications snd bring to grant writing team.)

Grant Developer/Writer

Record Keeping
(keep records for all program pets, adoption records, microchip records, vet records, donations, equipment purchases/loan.)

(keep books of account, develop monthly/annual budgets for review by Board of Directors.)

Business Partner Liaison
(develop relationships with area businesses.)

(develop fundraising ideas and coordinate fundraisers.)

Event Planning
(Plan events: 5K, Holiday Auction, etc.)

TNR Program Assistant
(Coordinate TNR Colony Caretakers, help identify colonies, trap, transport to vet clinics, feed, monitor colonies, and TNR program)

TNR Colony Caretaker

Record Keeping Team Member

(be responsible for one or multiple tasks including:  help organization of electronic files throughout the multiple google drives.  Set up library of forms for each program : cat fosters, cat adoptions, dog fosters, dog adoptions, donors, email lists,  city kitty TNR, pet food pantry, calls, emails, fundraisers, vet records, equipment tracking, etc..)


Pet Food Pantry Coordinator.

Develop the process for assisting people in need with extra pet food we have on hand.  Coordinate pet food drives for PetPromise and the Food Pantry. 


Capital Campaign Coordinator

work to market and drive a capital campaign to fund a space to lease/buy to use for Adoption Center/Sanctuary. 



(keep books of account, develop monthly/annual budgets for review by Board of Directors.)

Marketing Coordinator
(works with the PetPromise Graphic Designer to help develop/design marketing materials for organization, pets for adoption, programs, and events.)

Social Media Team
(Help Update Facebook and/or Instagram Page.)

Website Design/Maintenance 

Help keep website update including new pets for adoption and adopted pet updates.

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