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Lifelong friendship


Open your home and your heart. Foster families provide temporary homes for cats and dogs on the path to their forever homes. As an entirely foster-based organization, PetPromise relies on foster homes to allow us to save the lives of animals in need.  Without foster homes we couldn't save their lives!


PetPromise foster families provide a comfortable home, food, and love to homeless cats and dogs. We cover the cost and coordinate all vet care and work to find an adoptive home for your foster pet.  As a foster parent you will help your foster pet build confidence,  and provide socialization and you will get to know your foster and will be involved in the adoption process and in the selection of the adoptive home for your foster pet.  As a foster, you will have the honor of impacting the life of a pet : from sick, scared and homeless, to happily adopted into a loving forever home. You not only change their lives- you will change yours.


PetPromise accepts animals from a variety of situations (abuse, neglect, medical) which require varying degrees of care or attention. We work with each foster family to help match the foster with the pet and care cases that best suit their home, experience, and comfort. If you are interested in helping us save the life of homeless pet, please complete our foster application.


How long does fostering last?
It really depends. The average foster dog is adopted to a forever family in a few weeks. For kittens, 4-8 weeks, depending on their age. Adult cats and dogs can take longer depending upon their personality, any issues that they may have, and the time of year.  And of course, there are exceptions to any rule.


Can I pick my foster dog/cat?
We do our best to match foster families with a foster cat/dog based on criteria provided by the family during the screening process.

What if there is a problem with my foster?
PetPromise has veterinarians and experienced volunteers to help foster families work through any problems with their fosters. If the situation is just not working out, dogs/cats can be moved to another foster home.

Can I adopt my foster pet?
Foster families sometimes fall in love and want to adopt their foster pet. While we would prefer you adopt out the dog/cat and save another life by fostering again, we understand that this is not always possible. In these cases, you may adopt your foster dog/cat. However, PetPromise asks that you decide and let us know as soon as possible to avoid us proceeding too far with potential adopters.

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