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We have a dream....

The PetPromise Building Fund & Sanctuary Campaign

After years of rescuing homeless and abused pets we know that we can do more!  We envision an environment where animals can feel safe, where they have shelter, food, and love and where they can wait for someone to see them and love them and give them a home of their own.  We envision this sanctuary to be a place that a pet that has been homeless or abused or neglected can be happy and feel love from the volunteers and the public that visit them as they wait.  

The PetPromise founders and volunteers need your help.  We are limited in the number of animals that we can help each year by the number of foster homes that we have.  It is heartbreaking to have to turn animals away because we don't have a foster home that can shelter them.  We know that PetPromise can do so much more if we had a safe place for these pets to live while we find them adoptive homes.  A place where even the ones that are hard to place live happily in the care of  PetPromise volunteers with visits from the public and food and safety.  

Will you help us make this vision a reality?  Will you help us open the doors to the PetPromise Sanctuary and Adoption Center?  Their rescue story will start with you!

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