Volunteers are our lifeblood. Together, we can make an impact.

When you volunteer with PetPromise you make a difference for homeless animals whether you help place a pet in a loving home, deliver dog food to a needy family with pets, join the fundraising committee, help build a shelter for feral cats, or solicit sponsorships for the annual PetPromise Rescue Run. We are a fun group who is serious about animal welfare.

FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE PetPromise fundraising is a great way to get engaged.

RESCUE RUN PetPromise’s largest annual fundraiser. This 5K walk /run happens in the Arena District in Columbus on Memorial Day Saturday.

GRANT-WRITING Grants allow for growth. Skilled grant writers are sought to help with our success.

FOSTERING Fosters touch and shape the life of a pet on a daily basis.

OUTREACH COMMITTEE Outreach work centers around prevention, education and community support.

COMMUNICATION AND PR PetPromise voice is only heard if we get it out there. Marketing, design and PR skills are helpful in our charge.

Lifesaving Leadership

Volunteer elizabeth jane polley

Elizabeth, or "EJ" as her fellow volunteers call her, has stepped up to become a lifesaving leader with her willingness to try anything and her "can do" attitude. EJ is often the first to volunteer to take on another foster cat, another task, or another chore. She is dependable, creative, caring, and she is quickly making herself indispensable to the PetPromise cat foster team.

EJ started fostering for PetPromise about 1 1/2 years ago. EJ has fostered, run adoption events, and has led her own trap-neuter-release (TNR) projects. She has learned a lot about cat rescue - and herself - in the past 18 months.

When EJ moved into a new part of Columbus, she identified quickly that there was a significant stray cat problem in the area. EJ worked for weeks with fellow cat team volunteers to try and get that population under control. There were tears and heartache during that project and yet, EJ did not give up.

Whenever PetPromise has a challenging cat foster, or if we need a home for a short term foster, EJ always volunteers. When PetPromise heard that 3 of our former foster cats needed to be returned from their home in Minnesota, she stepped up to the challenge. All other transportation plans fell through, including transporting the cats back to Ohio by plane. Undeterred, EJ volunteered to drive to Minneapolis to make good on our promise to provide life-long care to these cats.

EJ and her sister drove 1500 miles over the course of 2 days to make sure those 3 kitties made it back home to PetPromise. EJ had never driven that far, but she fearlessly braved the highways, the tolls in Chicago, the big city traffic, and the miles of monotony thru Indiana and Wisconsin. Thanks to EJ, all 3 cats have been safely returned to PetPromise and are being fostered until they can find their new "furever" home together.

Leaders emerge thru adversity, hard work, and perseverance. EJ has clearly demonstrated her lifesaving leadership and we want to congratulate and thank her for her tireless volunteer work with PetPromise.


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