What is a "special needs" pet? As the name implies, it is a pet that is physically or emotionally challenged in some way, or who has an impairment or limitation of one or more of its abilities — but not in its most important ability: the ability to give and receive love.

On behalf of these special pets, we ask that you make a decision with your head and not just your heart. Each of these pets will require more attention, time, love, and in some instances money, than the average household pet.

Although we would love to find a forever home for each one of these very special animals, we understand that some of them may never find homes of their own because of their special circumstances. However, you can help change the life of one of these pets.

By making a one-time donation of $250, you can be the guardian angel for a year for a special needs cat or dog.


We need foster parents willing to provide these special babies with the love and care that they deserve. Veterinary technicians and veterinarians are especially helpful for animals requiring more complex care.

Email us at pets@petpromise.org

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